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In Memory

We often don't cherish each other and often don't cherish life.
And only at the last minute, do we understand how easy it is- to die.
However, this is not always the case, sometimes the disease seeps in too far
and hope for the children (people) does not remain only because the poor parents and relatives did not have the financial means for medicine and high-technology treatments.

Together with the parents and relatives it is bitter and sad to realize our helplessness, because it seemed that the salvation of the child (person) was so close..

Olga Maranduik.
Age 57
Chernovtsi, Ukraine

It is with great grief we had to say goodbye to our patient Olga.
She was diagnosed with cancer 03/27/2009 and was undergoing treatment for four years.
Unfortunately, there wasn't enough attention and help in her direction, and the disease won over.
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