Helping Hands Usa Non-profit Organization
our main objective is to show you, not someone else, but you, the children who need help.
Helping Hands Usa

September 28th, 2009


Helping Hands USA missionary aims to help children in need of
financial support for expensive medical treatments they need to undergo,
As well as assist children in need of clothing and food.
We have helped many children and families long before
the establishment of Helping Hands.
In extreme cases Helping Hands does help out adults for healing and living needs.
We are an organization that is located in Springfield Missouri
however we help children all over the globe, it is our mission
to try and help children who are in need of assistance.
Together, with you, we search for blood donors and
money for medications as well as surgeries.
There are no particular clinics that we support,
as we want to help children everywhere and not just one place.


We want children to be the subject of
admiration and awe
not the subject of grief!
We know how to help them,
We most definitely will help them.

Helping Hands Usa
3719 E. Beaumont ST.
Springfield, MO. 65809
(417) 827-7950
Skype; Postevkausa
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