Helping Hands Usa Non-profit Organization

whatever you give is acceptable if you give it eagerly. 2corinthians 8:12

Help Directly
Being treated in the hospital is a an unhappy occupation itself,
and what if this treatment is stretched out for several months or even years.
And to the pshycological problems become attached the material ones as well.
One parent must always be next to the ill child, 
while the other is sought to provide
for his family everything that is needed. 
On the shoulders of parents lies not only
the responsibility of buying food and medicine for their own child, 
but also detergents,
antiseptics, and so forth for the department.
All this is necessary to ensure that the treatment was successful.
Therefore, families of patients are in constant need of help,
money, and health products.

If you would like to help any of our children directly without going through our process, you may need to contact us to ensure that you do receive all the proper information of the child as well as any notifications and requests of the child's needs and place he/she resides.
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