Against the of mercy and sword of powerless

When will feed the poor, consider themselves to be fed. 

Such properties of the matter: we have given to us will return.

Help our children

Your support and contribution will enable us to achieve our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will finance children left without home attention and love..

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Matthew 25:31-40


By helping them you don't lose anything, on the other hand, you gain much more in your heavenly account


If you feel more comfortable donatihg with a check or cash Please do not hesitate to visit or mail us to the following adresses Helping Handt Usa 3719 E Beaumont St Springfield,MO. 65809 417.827.7950

Give me, O Lord, The ability to comfort, rather than wait for consolation To understand, rather than wait for understanding, To love, and not wait for love. For he who gives, receives, One who forgets himself, finds everything, One who forgives, is ultimatley forgiven. -Prayer of St. Francis Assizizskogo