service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.


My fingers ran through the dry burning skin,
I looked at the eyes, tapped his ribs,
Listening to the mysterious beating in the deep of his heart,
And carried a single thought- how to save him?
And to save this one... and this one! All of them.
The fight for lives was happening.
Every day, it started in the morning along with the pale light snow
And ended with flashing yellow overheated lights of lightening in the night.

Mikhail Bulgakov

you must each decide in your heart how much to give. and don't give reluctantly or in response to pressure. for god loves a person who gives cheerfully. -corinthians, 9:7

 Donate Blood
If a child is diagnosed with leukemia or a plastic anemia,
this means he needs not only money for medicine,
but blood. No matter how much money will be or was collected, the child will die if he is left
without blood transfusions.
This rule is no exception.
Blood transfusion- is one of the specific types of therapy for hermatological diseases,
without which the patient dies within 2 or 3 months.

Children remain children in the hospital.
They have to live under strict sterility, often for many weeks and even months.
The child can not come out not so much as on the street,
but also just the hallways of the hospital.
During treatment, it is very important to have the child be occupied with something
to distract them from the pain and illness, to learn something new
so that the time spent in the hospital wouldn't be erased from life.
Therefore, our children need toys, activity clubs, socializing,
and, if possible, some recreational activities.

Help Directly
Being treated in the hospital is a an unhappy occupation itself,
and what if this treatment is stretched out for several months or even years.
And to the pshycological problems become attached the material ones as well.
One parent must always be next to the ill child, while the other is sought to provide
for his family everything that is needed. On the shoulders of parents lies not only
the responsibility of buying food and medicine for their own child, but also detergents,
antiseptics, and so forth for the department.
All this is necessary to ensure that the treatment was successful and, as a rule,
in the right quantities.
Therefore, families of patients are in constant need of help,
money, and health products.

Donate With Credit Cards
You may donate money with any credit or debit card;
Visa, Master card, American Express, Discover, and more.

Donate Cash
You may donate with cash to the following physical adresses:

3719 E. Beaumont ST.
Springfield, MO. 65809

Please call ahead to notify us before arriving.
If you do not have the ability to come you may call
and one of our directors will pick up your donation at the time and place you want.

Donate Souvenirs
Some children need clothes, food, toys and so forth
while they are ill and their parents are struggling to meet ends.
Many children find great comfort in knowing that they have received gifts,
especially during the holiday seasons when they forget all about their illness and focus
on the joy and spirit of giving and receiving.

Helping Hands Usa
3719 E. Beaumont ST.
Springfield, MO. 65809
(417) 827-7950 

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